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Rotary evaporators are usually used in synthesis, separation, extraction and purification experiments. The unique design of rotary evaporation greatly increases the efficiency of the device. Now it is widely used in the laboratory of small and medium-sized experiments. The sealing performance of the whole machine is good. The vacuum pump can be connected to vacuum the equipment to make the equipment in a negative pressure state. It can not only reduce the temperature required for evaporation of materials, but also effectively inhibit the explosion and boiling of some materials. Today I would like to share with you how to use the rotary evaporator to extract plant essential oil.

In the whole process of the experiment, we need to use the rotary evaporator, the electric constant temperature blast drying oven, the low temperature coolant circulating pump and the circulating water vacuum pump. When our preliminary preparations are ready, the next step is to carry out the extraction process. First, we clean the celery leaves, place them in a ventilated place for natural air drying for 48 hours, and then put them into the electric constant temperature blast drying oven for 24 hours at 25 ℃. When the time is up, we take out the dried celery leaves and cut them with scissors. After soaking, we can put them into the rotary evaporator for experiment. According to the orthogonal experiment method, the ratio of material to liquid, soaking time and distillation time were taken as three factors, and then three horizontal points were set in each factor to carry out the experiment. Finally, the optimum conditions for the extraction of essential oil from celery leaves were obtained as follows: the ratio of material to liquid was 1-8, the soaking time was 0.5 h, and the distillation time was 3 h.

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