After-sales Service
From the date of acceptance, a full one-year free warranty is provided. During the warranty period, all maintenance costs and spare parts are free (the cost of spare parts is charged for instrument failure caused by human factors); after the warranty, the equipment is responsible for lifelong maintenance.
Service Commitment
After receiving the customer's written report for repairs, we will respond within 24 hours, and arrive at the scene within 48 hours to solve the problem according to the distance of the customer.
Fast response service is close at hand
In China, we have a complete four level service architecture. Customer call center 7x24 hour service, expert seat, complete three level spare parts library, advanced CRM customer relationship management system, active preventive service and so on, provide professional after-sale equipment guarantee for customers. From the northern tip of Mohe County to the Paracel Islands of the South China Sea, from the Tibet Ali to the east end of the Zhoushan archipelago... No matter where the customer is in, the service is close at hand.
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