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Integrated chiller with rotary evaporator equipment

Quick details:

Recirculating chiller
Model DLSB-50/40 DLSB-50/80 DLSB-100/40 DLSB-100/80
Volume 17L 35L
Load temperature -40℃~RT -80℃~RT -40℃~RT -80℃~RT
Cooling capacity 12775-650W 15330-550W 15750-550W 17750-1100W
Flow 0~35/ PLC control 0~43/ PLC control
Lift 12m 20m
Voltage 380V
Cooling current 11A 20A 11A 20A
Heating current 12A 18A 12A 18A
Cooling power 5500W 10800W 5600W 11000W
Heating power 6000W 9000W
Compressor Tecumseh/ Dafoss/ Emerson-copeland/ Bitzer
Circulation pump Linbel magnetic circulation pump/ German imported magnetic cirulation pump
Expansion valve Thermal expansion valve/ electronic expansion valve
Operation panel 7-inch color touch screen, temperature curve display and record
Control system Feedforward PID, model-free self-building tree algorithm, PLC controller
Temp-control PLC control of equipment outlet temperature and material temperature

Rotary evaporator
Model R1005 R1010 R1020 R1050
Ambient temperature 5~35℃
Host speed regulation Stepless speed regulation
Rotating speed 10~140rpm 20~130rpm 20~110rpm
Rotating motor 40W 250W
Temperature control RT~99℃
Voltage 220V/50~60Hz 220V/380V/50~60Hz
Rotating bottle 5/6L φ50 10L φ125 20L φ125 50L φ125
Collection bottle 3L 5L 10L 20L
Evaporation capacity









Bath size φ300*170mm φ350*220mm φ450*260mm
Lifting function Electric( Automactic) lifting
Lifting height 0~150mm 0~160mm 0~190mm 0~180mm
Motor power 1650W 3300W 4300W



The new integrated rotary evaporator-low temperature equipment is an integrated equipment that can be programmed by PLC, and the rotary evaporator can be adjusted and operated by one-button touch screen. The unit is completely equipped with refrigeration components and can be inserted into the vacuum system. Breaking through the independent operation status of traditional rotary evaporator and recirculating chiller, realizing one-screen multi-control automatic operation, maintaining vaccum, cooling, refrigerant circulation, rotary evaporation, and rising and falling of the bath can all be operated on one screen, and multi-stage temperature control setting, really streamlined control and improve work efficiency.

There is a liquid injection port on the top, a closed circulation system and a plate heat exchanger are adopted, the hydraulic gauge and liquid level display can directly read the value when adding refrigerant to prevent the refrigerant from overflowing.

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