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-40~200Degree Heating And Cooling Systems Designed For Jacketed Reactions

Quick details:

Temperature Range: -40-200℃
Cooling Power(W): 5500W
Heating Power(W): 6000W
Flow Rate(L/min): 35

-40~200Degree Heating And Cooling Systems Designed For Jacketed Reactions

GDX series high and low temperature circulation tank is a type of multifunctional device which own heating and cooling function to provide constant temperature for chemical experiment. The integrated refrigerating and heating circulator has been widely used in medical, chemical and biological industries. The refrigerating and heating circulator has two systems: cooling system and heating system. These two systems can work together or independently.

dynamic temperature controller

Main features:

1. Wide working temperature range with cooling and heating function, temperature range: -30~200℃.
2. The LCD display controller of the integrated lab efrigerating and heating circulator can show the setting temperature, actual value, and alarm value of overheating and overpressure, to promise the operation accuracy and safety. 
3. No need to change oil during the whole experiment.

Specification model GDX-10/40 GDX-20/40 GDX-30/40 GDX-50/40 GDX-100/40
Volume(L) 7L 10L 17L 35L 100L
Cooling capacity 2800-550W 7300-1200W 7300-900W 12775-650W 15750-550W
Flow(L/min) 20 20 35 35 43
HeadH(m) 8 8 12 12 20
Voltage(V) 220V 380W 380W 380W 380W
Cooling current 5.8A 7A 7A 11A 11A
Heating current 13.6 9 9 12 18
Heating power 3KW 4.5KW 4.5KW 6KW 9KW
Cooling power(W) 1300 3200 3200 5500 5600
Cold slot size(mm) 160*310 160*310 200*350 250*370 300*500
Lenth(mm) 620 710 710 770 970
Width(mm) 540 580 580 670 800
Height(mm) 920 1050 1050 1180 1350
High and low temperature integrated machineheating and cooling circulatorchillerrecirculating chillercooling circulatorindustrial chiller

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